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Every so often I’ll scroll across posts on tumblr that have a very negative and derogatory slant towards ‘cis’ people. Until yesterday when I finally did a lil research, I had no idea what it meant. For other inquiring minds, being cisgender (cis) is essentially identifying as the gender you were…

this text is too long so yeah i’ll reblog it as a link (you dont have to read it whole like i did, but it’s some ranting shit about ~*~*CISPHOBIA*~*~)

ok first of all, shut the fuck up. ‘oh im cis and some trans people on this blog say, kill all cis people! theyre so mean and i feel threatened, CISPHOBIA!!!’ uh no. stop whining. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “CISPHOBIA”. IT IS NOT. REAL.

i dont understand what is with privileged groups these days, complaining about ‘reverse racism’ and ‘sexism against men’ and ‘cisphobia’. what the fuck??? no stop, stop now, please. you claim to be “”“allies”“”, but you always NEED to draw the attention to yourselves??? ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. you already have your rights! trans people dont. fight for THEM.

trans people ARE AWARE that not every single cis person is a complete transphobic transhating murderous monster. THEY KNOW IT!!! you dont have to tell them that. when they say “kill all cishets”, they dont literally mean to kill all of us (or maybe they do, and really, considering all the crap they have to deal with i dont blame them.), theyre just venting all the anger that comes from being unable to magically change reality and erase all transphobia from the world. how many times have i joked about killing all men, what the hell, i have a lot of male friends i care about and i dont actually want to kill all men, i am heterosexual what the fuck. but sometimes youre just so angry, and the oppressing group is so fucking rude and ignorant and horrible, you have to say it.

also i know this is not a very strong argument, but i as a cis person do not find it in the least offensive or mean or cruel or hateful when i see those “kill all cis people” posts on tumblr. i do not feel threatened. i know it is just a post, it cannot bring me harm, and i can leave tumblr anytime i want and go back to a society that accepts my identity as cis and doesnt deny me rights because of it. 

finally, i am calling you out on this post not because i hate you or because i’m a mean trans person in disguise (LMAO), but because YOUR POST DOESNT MAKE SENSE and its just NOT TRUE. and you need to stop whining.

please and thank you

You missed the point entirely of the original person’s intent and it seems like you didn’t even read it. The person wasn’t trying to say “cisphobia is real, stahp hating me omg”. What they were trying to convey is that fighting the hatred and discrimination with screaming and bullying is not going to help change the mindsets of those who are being “oppressive” (in quotes because loosely used term in this case, not to demean or invalidate actual struggles).

The truth of the matter is that “cis hating” as she puts it, is counter productive because it just continues the cycle of “I’m going to bully this person because they called me names.” - “I’m gonna keep calling this person names because they are bullying me.”

The endless looping is counter-productive and hate really does just bread more hate, no matter how ridiculous that sounds. It’s a basic concept that if you are mean to someone chances are they are going to be mean right back/ “But cis people have always oppressed trans people, so it’s okay to tell them to die! It’s all just joking around and venting!” No. Stop. You’re perpetuating more hate. 

"It was a feeling of really strong anger and helplessness because there really is nothing I can do about that. I can’t change a male dominated industry thats been around longer than I’ve been alive…but that doesn’t make me hate the guys I train with."

That is the point. Spreading hate of your oppressors just for the sake of “getting back at them” is stupid. Now calling out someone for being problematic is good but when you use violent words and disrespectful language all that happens is someone outright refusing to accept another’s point of view as well as spreading even more hate right back at the other.

Don’t get me wrong. Hatred for one’s oppressors is completely justified and I get that people want to vent, but tumblr isn’t a safe space to do that and they should expect to get comments on their venting, as this is a public domain and not their personal vent machine. Same goes for everyone else who wants to vent about anything not just oppressed and underprivileged people. Tumblr is not a safe haven for the oppressed and underprivileged to spew hatred towards their oppressors because, as awful as it is, their oppressors will try to fight back and the cycle will continue.

Even on one’s own personal blog, unless they want people to react to their comments, it would do people good to make “read more” posts (perhaps with a warning) for personal venting posts. Should they choose NOT to do those things, that is their own choice and I will respect it, however there are people who will comment on, ask about, and complain about those posts. Activism on the other hand does not need to be kept private because it’s about more than just one person’s personal feelings and is essential to helping others gain equality and rights. Telling people that they are scum and should die and/or kill themselves is bullying and bullying, no matter what the circumstances is wrong.

"you claim to be “”“allies”“”, but you always NEED to draw the attention to yourselves??? ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. you already have your rights! trans people dont. fight for THEM."

Finally on this note here. I will always fight for trans rights no matter what, but if someone bullies another person or tells others to kill themselves, that individual will have instantly lost my respect, no matter who they are. There are many people I have met in the past years. Among these people are trans people, people with disabilities, people with different sexualities, people with different religions, people of different ethnicities, and people with different cultures and everyone of those people that I have met, talked with, and become friends with are amazing individuals. However, if any one of them bullied someone I would lose so much respect for these people that I have come to know and love and I would more than likely cut them out of my life.
















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you know how you say words so many times and they lose their meaning? that’s how I feel about the words “trauma” and “trigger” right now.

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Dear Followers

Don’t worry, nothing crazy or bad is happening, I just thought I’d let everyone know a few things. :)

I will be moving on the 24th this month and I will not be online for a couple of weeks after that. During this time I am going to try and finish up one of my (obviously late) March! Pictures (Cronus to be exact). Any who, for the first month or so after I move I will not have access to my desktop, which is where I do most of my art, but I will do my best to finish the last of the late MarchStuck pictures. (Which are late due to low self esteem thanks to certain oh so lovely* people on tumblr).

There will be a new art challenge coming from me later. I’ll be doing the “A-Z Challenge” also known as “A is for…”. I’ll definitely need some of your guys’s suggestions for that.

I will also be working on a couple of comics, fanfictions, and original novels. One of these will actually have an animatic to go with it with voice acting and everything. So be on the lookout for the following titles from my blog:

"My Life With Connie" (slice of life comic by a good friend and myself)

"Lusus United Academy" (school life comic written by a good friend and drawn by me)

"Dragon City" (modern/fantasy magical girl comic by me)

and a few others with working titles :D

Finally, when I get back from all this hassle, I will be taking commissions through paypal. My prices are pretty fair and I can do tons of different things like headshots, pin-ups, pixel art, and more. Full info on that will be posted when I get settled. Be on the lookout for my commission page in the next couple of months, as well. Until then it’s been awesome having you all aboard this crazy ride!


*heavy sarcasm

god i hate this website

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I loved this and then I looked closer and now I love it even more.